A website focused on education and Graphic Design History. It will be an open-sourced visual thesaurus; creating a place for graphic design students to visit, explore the history, make their own connections, and add to the catalogue. It is in making these connections, being active in learning, and being able to contribute, that helps drive the learning of the history home for better retention and application.  It funtcions as main hub and source for history but also supports an app and editorial.


An monthly editorial will feature the connections found, made, and submitted online. It will be large print format for a more visual and hands-on experience. It will also feature monthly topics, articles and small lessons of Design History; delivering the history to its audience while also making it feel relevant. 



An app will act as a personal tool to start their own collections of historical works and articles, as well provide capabilities to create their own visual maps of connections made between design works throughout history. It also provides digital versions of the editorials.